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GAMBIT Rumored to Have New Production Date


There are ton of really awesome mythical things, like unicorns, bigfoot, the fountain of youth, delicious vegetables, and centaurs. But the mythical thing that is most prominent right now is that Gambit movie everyone talks about.

Originally, it was going to be a spinoff of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But that wouldn’t have done anybody any favors. So it was scrapped. But then it was retooled with Channing Tatum attached to star, and slew of directors were announced to helm the film. Gore Verbinski was the latest one, and when he departed, the project was left in limbo once again.

Now a new rumor suggests that the film still plans on shooting in New Orleans this summer. Omega Underground reports that the production start date is June 19th.

No director has been announced, and the script needs to be rewritten, but if the rumor is true, those things have most likely happened in order to start production in 3 months.

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Gambit is a popular character, and Tatum is a popular actor. The formula is there, it just needs to be found. Steven Soderbergh has gotten great performances out of Tatum before (Magic Mike and Logan Lucky). Maybe he has what it takes to bring Gambit to life through Tatum, if he’s not retired again of course.

I will believe this movie happens when the cameras start rolling. It has gotten this far before, only to fizzle out once again. But with a Kitty Pryde movie apparently happening, and the franchise looking to expand with X-Force and New Mutants, maybe Gambit can be retooled to fit in with those. Of course, if the deal for Disney to buy all of Fox’s IP goes through, this may not happen at all, right when it finally can.

We’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

Are you excited for this mythical Gambit movie?

Source: Omega Underground


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