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HOT RUMOR: Julian Dennison Is Rusty Collins, a.k.a. Firefist, In DEADPOOL 2


When it comes to Deadpool 2, there are lots of unanswered questions. The second trailer presented some interested insights into the story the sequel will tell. But there’s one question I think I’ve got the answer for now.

Many have been wondering who Julian Dennison, “the kid,” will be playing and why he is being hunted down by Josh Brolin’s Cable. Scratch your head no more because I think he’s Rusty Collins.

There has been tons of speculation going around that Julian would be playing Neal Shaara, also known as Thunderbird. Others have suggested that he would be playing a younger version of the classic X-Men foe Pyro. Other reports have him as Kid Apocalypse. All these sound awesome but don’t seem in line with the story.

He’s playing RUSTY COLLINS, a.k.a. Firefist.

In the latest trailer that debuted last week, Cable has travelled back through space and time on a mission to find this kid. Why? It seems that this kid might be responsible for something terrible that happens in the future. What that is we don’t know yet but It’s obvious that Cable will stop at nothing to find him:

 “The name’s Cable. We’re here for the kid. Move or die.”

In that trailer, the kid seems to have caused some sort of event to happen involving his fire powers. He looks confused and guilty for what he has done. The kid gets locked up and is shown with a restraining collar around his neck which presumably inhibits his extraordinary pyrokinetic abilities. This seems very similar to what happened to Firefist in the comics.

Why Rusty Collins?

In the comics Rusty’s mutant power, the generation of fire, manifested itself violently, and he ended up burning a woman by accident. Rusty is arrested, but sets the arresting officer aflame and escapes. We can see something similar to this happen in the trailer with the police vehicle on fire besides the kid.

The casting of Julian Dennison was important for Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2 because he’s not only central to this story, but possibly many others going forward.

Julian’s innocence, intensity, and immense comedic talent, which we got to see on display in Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi’s fantastic Hunt For The Wilderpeople could be great tools for the X-Universe for years to come.

Rusty’s Connections

Rusty Collins can connect not only to X-Factor but the New Mutants as well. Let’s not forget he also has a connection to the Morlocks, which we hope to see one day in the Gambit movie.

Russell “Rusty” Collins first appeared in X-Factor #1 in 1986 and was created by Bob Layton and Jackson Butch Guice. Starting out as a trainee of X-Factor, the instantly likable Rusty went on to lead the short-lived X-Terminators and briefly join the New Mutants, although the most-defining and memorable aspect of the character was his incredibly strong romance and relationship with fellow mutant Skids.

He was later captured and brainwashed by the Mutant Liberation Front for a time, before being cured and joining with the Acolytes until his death.


Rusty has the ability to ignite oxygen in the air and direct it as pyrotechnic blasts. He can also start fires anywhere in his line-of-sight up to 20 feet. Rusty can also erect shields completely of fire. The intensity of heat in the shield is strong enough to melt most physical attacks and disperse many energy attacks.

These powers and character history seem to be in line with what we’ve been seeing in the trailers so far. And even though Thunderbird and Pyro are more well known in X-Men lore, it is Rusty Collins that has the biggest connection to the New Mutants as well as the X-Force. And with these movies still in development over at FOX, there’s a chance we’ll get to see even more of Rusty Collins in the near future. Maybe he’s the new Pyro.

What do you think about Julian Dennison possibly being Rusty Collins a.k.a. Firefist In Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments section!

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