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*UPDATE* HOT RUMOR: Here’s When We’ll Get To See The First AQUAMAN Trailer!



In light of Mr. Wan taking to twitter to state that there was never going to be a teaser this weekend, I’m just going to take the “L” for this one.

Looks like I got some faulty information, and- despite me running it as a rumor and not as something set in stone- this story clearly took on a life of its own and it led to many being disappointed that it didn’t pan out. So I’m extremely sorry for running the original rumor. I apologized to Wan, too, because I’m very excited about what he’s created with Aquaman and I hate the idea that I’ve created any kind of distraction for him to deal with.

I still believe there’s more to the story than he can publicly state, and I think I know exactly what happened here, but I’m just throwing up my hands and taking the loss because nothing is gained in debating this further. What’s done is done.

I’ll be more careful with information received from the source that told me about this.

Again, I apologize. This came from a good place and the best of intentions, and it stinks that it all fell apart. That’s on me and, as I said on twitter yesterday, I’ll continue working to be better; For myself, and for you.

I’ve left both the original reported rumor and the 1st update below because I want to be held accountable. Deleting any of it would be an attempt to rewrite history or to run from this. Instead, I’m treating this as an educational moment and I’m learning everything I can from it.

Thanks for your understanding, and please know I’m on the case.


Last month I reported a hot rumor about when we’d get to see the first trailer for Aquaman. The original report is included below. Today, I’m writing to inform you of an unfortunate update and offer up the reason Why that I was given:

While they had originally planned on surprising everyone attending the Warner Bros. panel at this year’s WonderCon, by having James Wan and Jason Momoa pop up on stage to premiere the first-look trailer for Aquaman, that plan got scrapped earlier this week.

As recently as this past Monday afternoon, this was going to happen, and when reports hit the net Monday night that WonderCon had updated its lineup to specify that the WB panel would be strictly for Ready Player One, I quietly held out hope that it was all misdirection in an attempt to create a genuine surprise.

Turns out, it’s legit.

I heard from someone I trust over at the WB’s marketing department that they’ve decided, at the last second, to hold off on releasing the trailer and the reason may surprise you. It has nothing to do with the nothing burger of a “story” about the film testing poorly- which all stemmed from click bait headlines generated around a very diplomatic and normal observation Mark Hughes shared on his most recent podcast.

No, it has to do with Justice League.

They want to create more distance between Justice League and Aquaman. The higher-ups had thought that some of the negativity surrounding that film would have died down by now, setting the stage to turn the page with a hot Aquaman trailer this weekend. But they’ve since deduced that there’s still a fair amount of negative energy around the DCU because of the Justice League fallout, and they simply cannot risk that negativity impacting the way people think about Aquaman. They need this movie to be a win.

So they’re going to hold off for now, and they hope that positive stories- like the fact that the film is doing well at the home market– help change the narrative, and that people get ready to get excited about the franchise’s future again.

Personally, I think releasing an epic Aquaman trailer would help them wipe the slate clean and get people excited. But I don’t work for Warner Bros, so….

I’m sorry this didn’t pan out. I really wish it had. Not because it would’ve been nice to have another story confirmed, but because I really think DC fans need something to cheer about right now, and this would’ve been it.

Oh well.

If you’d like to hear more about why the supposed “negative buzz” around Aquaman is a whole lot of nothing, I suggest you check out this week’s El Fanboy Podcast.

Have a great weekend!

Original Report

There’s been plenty of chatter about Aquaman lately and, unlike some other bits of early buzz surrounding DC films, it’s all quite positive. The film is apparently testing quite well, and the studio’s faith in director James Wan seems to be paying off.

I’ve reported elsewhere that Wan almost bailed on Aquaman in the months following the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He saw the way the studio had meddled with the theatrical cut of that film, how they were in the midst of meddling with Justice League, and how they had practically thrown David Ayer out of the editing room for Suicide Squad, and he was ready to fly the coop. Ultimately, the studio kept him on board by promising to leave him alone and let him make Aquaman his way.

That seems to be paying off, as I’ve heard from multiple sources that Aquaman is shaping up to be pretty special.

So now the big question is: When will we get our first look at the movie?

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that it looked like a trailer would be arriving soon. Today, I can share with you exactly when Warner Bros. is planning on unveiling the first Aquaman trailer. And that’s during their panel at this year’s Wonder Con. The event is taking place between March 23 and 25, which is only a month away.

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The official Wonder Con website has yet to release its programming schedule for the big show in Anaheim, so I can’t say on which day/time the big reveal will happen, but I’m told that the plan is to debut the trailer to the audience in attendance for the DC panel.

Once that happens, we can likely expect that trailer- or some version of it- to hit the net in an effort to strike while the iron is hot as positive buzz continues to grow for Aquaman leading up to its arrival in December.

I, for one, cannot wait.


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