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New DEADPOOL 2 Test Screenings Outscore the Original


There has been a lot of activity behind Deadpool 2. First the original director, Tim Miller left over “creative differences”. Then there were rumors of the film testing poorly, followed by rumors of extensive reshoots. It was so prominent that an actor from the movie had to comment on them. Now the intention of those reshoots are a little more clear.

According to THR, the latest test screening scored a 98. The two screenings before that earned a 91 and then a 97. The cut that had earned a 98 is apparently the one they are going with, which include the reshoots. Just for a frame of reference, the original Deadpool movie’s highest test score was 91. The correlation would mean more if it were the same exact people in the screenings, but it is still worth noting.

The Deadpool 2 reshoots reportedly lasted six days in Vancouver. More interesting however, is that there were two hours worth of reshoots in Los Angeles to add a “secret cameo.” I have a guess, but it is based off of nothing but hope.


If the cameo is secret, it is most likely someone from that universe. I don’t think Wolverine would appear, but “People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Hugh Jackman” could very well appear. Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a great friendship, and Jackman has a great sense of humor, so he would most definitely be up for a self-effacing appearance in Deadpool 2. Maybe a slightly overweight Jackman who is seen at a buffet eating the 17 years worth of pork and bread that he missed?

Of course, I could be completely off base. It could be literally anyone from Hollywood, like Matthew Broderick, since they spoofed Ferris Bueller. It could even be someone from Legion or The Gifted to make more “Confusing X-Men Movie Timeline” jokes.

Whatever it was obviously went over very well with audiences to earn the film its highest rating yet.

We’ll find out what the cameo is when Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18th.


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