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Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN Film Rumored To Start Production in 2019


‘Memba when there was supposed to be a standalone Batman movie in this DCU? I ‘memba. While Warner Bros’ original plan of a standalone Batman film written, directed by and starring Ben Affleck isn’t happening anymore, there will be some form of a Batman movie coming soon if a new rumor from Heroic Hollywood is to be believed.

HH is reporting that production will begin on the film in 2019. There is still a lot to figure out before that, however. The biggest one – who will star? It could still be Ben Affleck, but that is looking less and less likely. According to RTF’s Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles, Jake Gyllenhaal is still the favorite to replace Affleck if and when his departure becomes official. He’s also stated that if we ever see Affleck back under the cowl, it’ll be in either Suicide Squad 2 or- more interestingly- Flashpoint.

If they need to recast Bruce Wayne in this shared universe, this is the best way to do it. The Flash messes with time to save his mother from being murdered in Flashpoint. In the comics, when he does that, Thomas Wayne becomes Batman after his son Bruce was murdered. When Thomas finds out that Barry comes from a world where his son is alive, he helps The Flash fix time. The movie could pull a Back to the Future – put time back the way it was, but with a few minor changes. One of those changes? Bruce Wayne looking a little different.

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Of course, Reeves could just make his Batman film outside of the established continuity already too. There are reports of DC and WB developing a standalone Joker film, so they could have a series of alt-world adventures running concurrently with the DCU too.

Whatever they decide to do, they need to get it right. Batman is to DC, what Spider-Man is to Marvel – by far their most profitable character. While Wonder Woman is doing a wonderful job being the anchor that seemed like it was originally meant for Batman, they still need to do him justice. It is nice that Reeves isn’t rushing things. If War For the Planet of the Apes is any indication, we could be in for a treat once Reeves gets a story he’s comfortable with.

We will have plenty of superhero stuff – DC and otherwise – to hold us over until this happens, so hopefully that makes the wait for Batman a little bit more bearable. After all, if this holds true and the film doesn’t begin filming until next year this means that the soonest we’d see The Batman is 2020.

What do you want to see in the next Batman adventure?


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