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GOTHAM’s Camren Bicondova Talks Catwoman With Us, Says She’d Be All In For GOTHAM CITY SIRENS


Camren Bicondova has been playing Selina Kyle, the future Catwoman, on the Fox series Gotham since 2014. She’s had the unique experience of coming-of-age while playing a character that’s doing the same thing- considering Bicondova was only 15 when she began playing Kyle. So she has a fairly intimate understanding of Selina’s psyche and where she’d like to see this iteration of Catwoman go.

Today, I had a chance to chat with her about all things Catwoman. The series is in its fourth season, and fans have their fingers crossed that it’ll get picked up for a fifth. Along the way, I managed to slip in a question about whether or not she’d like to jump to the big screen with the character she’s been the sole live-action custodian of for the last 3+ years.

MFR: You’ve had a unique opportunity to play a very iconic character in Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, for three years- appearing in countless episodes of Gotham as the classic DC character. How does it feel to have had this much time with her?

Camren: She’s a great character to play, and she has so many layers that we still, even in the fourth season, haven’t seen. She’s been such a great person to lean on for the last four years of my life. It’s just been incredible.

MFR: You and Selina have been growing up at practically the same time, when you consider you started playing her when you were 15. What do you think of the way Selina’s evolved?

Camren: I love the way she’s evolving. I think it’s been interesting to play her, but I think it’s also been interesting for the audience to see her evolve the way that she has. Because she has gone through a lot of relationships. Whether it’s enemies, whether it’s friends, she’s learned a lot through the many friendships and relationships she’s had. So it’s been really interesting to see the choices that she’s made, and the reasons why she’s made them. I’ve just loved every moment of it. And I’m really manifesting that I get to be along for the ride with her for another season.

MFR: Catwoman has traditionally gone back-and-forth. At times she’s a villain, at others a hero, and- most frequently- she’s a sort of anti-hero. Where would you like to see her end up by the time Gotham concludes its run?

Camren: I would definitely like to see her be the hero. I, personally, don’t like to label the Catwoman character. I think she would- even Catwoman- would do the right thing, no matter what. It’s just a matter of perception. You know different people think that different things are right and wrong, and that’s just a normal thing we deal with as a society. But I would really like to see Selina seen as a hero, because I think she gets a bad rap. I feel like it’s easy to make her seem like this demon, this troubled kid. But she does care for the people in her life. She didn’t have anyone to teach her how to show it. I would really like to see her come out of this as a hero.

MFR: Great. So that’s your aspiration for her for Gotham, but what about beyond that? If you were given a chance to play her on the big screen after this, is that something you’d jump at the chance to do?

Camren: Uh, yeah! Heck yeah. That’d be amazing. I think playing her on television has been great. But with movies you can take a little more time. Some people complain that Selina doesn’t get enough screen time on Gotham. I think she gets plenty, but I know it can feel rushed sometimes because with a television show there’s just so many things they have to do, and- a lot of the times- since she’s more of an observer and not a talker, it can feel like she’s not around much. But if I were able to play her in a film, I think that those moments that she’s known for could actually be expressed a little better, since the focus would be on her.

MFR: So if Warner Bros. called you up and asked you to play Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens, you’d be all in?

Camren: Yeah! Shoot. I mean, I’m not closed off to anything. If the script’s good, the opportunity is amazing, you can’t say ‘No’ to anything like that. Right now I’m just hoping for a Season 5 of Gotham. That’s all I’m focusing on right now.

MFR: Last question. Can you tell me which iteration of Catwoman you’re most inspired by?

Camren: I’ve always loved Julie Newmar, and I’ve always loved Michelle Pfeiffer. I love Julie Newmar because of the way that she uses her body, and how important body languge is to her iteration of the character…I was really inspired by that. And Michelle Pfeiffer just went all in with it, with no inhibitions, just free spirit, and I’ve always admired her for that.

Don’t miss Gotham on Thursday nights at 8/7c, only on Fox.


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