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EL FANBOY: “The NEW GODS Announcement, That INFINITY WAR Trailer, And Marvel Memories!”


On this week’s hyper-energized edition of the El Fanboy Podcast (brought to you, unofficially by Cafe Bustelo!) host Mario-Francisco Robles runs down the two biggest things happening in geekdom today: The major news story that Ava DuVernay has been hired to bring Jack Kirby’s New Gods to the big screen for DC Entertainment, and that Marvel kicked off its massive campaign for Avengers: Infinity War by dropping the latest trailer and putting the tickets up for pre-sale!

MFR also introduces a new weekly segment, as part of the lead-up to Infinity War, where he recounts his memories/thoughts on each MCU movie in the chronological order in which they were released. This week, he tackles all of Marvel’s Phase One, and- along the way- he spontaneously discovers a very personal thread that ran through those films.

Along the way he drops a tantalizing tease from one of his WB/DC insiders, ponders what Thanos’ Finger Snap of Doom could be used for in Infinity War, and reveals how you can see this next Avengers epic alongside him and a bunch of other RTF team members at the official Revengers: Infinity War Watch Party!

You can listen to the latest El Fanboy, titled “The NEW GODS Announcement, That INFINITY WAR Trailer, And Marvel Memories!” right here:

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Mario-Francisco Robles, Editor-in-Chief of REVENGE OF THE FANS, Is The Host of This Passionate, Intimate Weekly Podcast. Join Him Each Week As He Sounds Off On The Latest Issues Concerning Geek Culture (Primarily Movies and TV Shows) In His Signature Raw, Confessional Style.


Mario-Francisco Robles

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