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Mark Hamill Force Pokes Fun at THE LAST JEDI Backlash


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the most divisive Star Wars films ever. It’s ironic that a film which deals with a lot of “the gray” between the good and evil, really has no gray area at all. People either seem to absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it.

Even Mark Hamill himself had been put in the spotlight for some criticisms he had made. But overall, he’s a fan of the movie and has came to appreciate the changes made to Luke Skywalker. He is at a point now where he can joke about the backlash the film has caused. Hamill took to his Twitter account, where he is very active, and made a joke about some poor unintentional photobomber:

As you can see the poor man in the top left has nothing to do with this star-studded selfie. Instead, he seems to be just trying to fight through the crowds. He was in the right (wrong?) place at the opportune moment though, and is in a picture that will be seen and shared by millions.

Have You Checked Out This Video Submitted By Reader Aaron Virola (Who’s Now Officially An RTF Contributor?

As the only one not smiling Hamill kept it on brand and said it was a fan upset over The Last Jedi. While that is probably not the case, the hypothetical person Hamill is describing certainly does exist. It is nice that he can keep a sense of humor amid the negativity.

I loved The Last Jedi, but I can also appreciate the valid criticisms raised about the film, especially when discussed in a mature manner. It is okay to not like The Last Jedi, of course, but it isn’t okay to verbally abuse the cast and crew because of it. Rian Johnson has taken it in stride, just like Hamill, and I’m glad they can deal with the vitriol with some sort of levity. If Star Wars has taught us anything, it is that you should always fight darkness with light (and humorous tweets).


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