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John Powell Has Begun Scoring SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, Will Include New Original Williams Theme!


John Williams is synonymous with Star Wars music. But in 2016, Michael Giacchino joined that prestigious club when he scored Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There is one more composer to join those elite ranks come May, and his name is John Powell. Ron Howard took to Twitter to confirm he was in a legendary location to hear Powell score the film.

It was announced before, but it is nice to see confirmation that Williams is involved as well. Williams will do the character theme, while Powell does the rest of the movie.

It was exciting to hear the Rogue One score, to hear what a different composer would do in this universe, and now we get it again, albeit with an appetizer by our favorite composer too. With Williams potentially retiring from Star Wars music after Episode IX, we should savor every little thing we get from him, but at the same time, celebrate the new fresh take we will have in the universe.

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises ever to not use outside songs. All music heard in the movies is composed specifically for it. Marvel has used existing songs from artists, so has DC, and Star Trek. The closest we will get is that someone cut the Solo trailer to “Sabotage” from The Beastie Boys which you can watch below:

I can certainly see a future where a Guardians of the Galaxy type Star Wars movie is made, and we get a soundtrack full of existing Earth songs. But for now, it will be composers trying to do justice a galaxy that has had the best maestro ever for 40 years.

Are you excited to hear the Solo soundtrack? Do you like that Williams is involved or would you have preferred Powell flew solo?


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