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WONDER WOMAN Sequel to Begin Shooting in May


I knew Wonder Woman 2 was coming. You knew Wonder Woman 2 was coming. That was never up for debate. The question of when however, was a different story. But now we might have that answer too.

Omega Underground has reported that the sequel will begin to shoot on May 28th. It makes sense to start as soon as possible, to free Gal Gadot up for any other DCEU projects that they may want her to appear in. Plus, with rumors of the villain being cast, things were shaping up to begin soon.

The first Wonder Woman movie was a smash hit for DC, and one of their best reviewed films ever. She appeared again in Justice League, and with a character that popular, will probably pop up several more times.

There were rumors that she was going to be the villain in a Flashpoint film, but that movie has gone through so many changes and iterations, that it is unknown whether that is still in the cards. To have an alt-world where the Atlanteans are at war with Amazonians and Barry Allen has to protect the world while setting it right would be fun to see on screen. I just don’t know if it the best idea to present her as the villain, even in an alternate world. The work Patty Jenkins did to make Diana Prince who she is, was incredible. Justice League did undo a bit of that, so when Wonder Woman 2 gets her back on track, they should stay the course.

The sequel is planned to be released on November 1, 2019. If it does start filming in two months, they should be able to make that date no problem.

Source: Omega Underground


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