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Netflix Secures Rights to Female-Led Thriller CLOSE


A lot of things can be said about Netflix, but they offer a lot of diverse options when it comes to their films.

The streaming giant has now picked up Close, a female-led action thriller from WestEnd Films. Starring Noomi Rapace, the film centers around Sam, a bodyguard and counter-terrorism expert, who takes a job protecting a rich young heiress named Zoe (Sophie Nelisse). Neither party is happy with the arrangement, but when a violent kidnap attempt goes wrong, the pair are forced to work together and go on the run. Together they need to unravel who was behind the kidnap and hunt them down.

Close is inspired by the life of bodyguard Jacquie Davis, who also served as a consultant on the film and helped visualize and develop the film’s action scenes. The film is directed by Vicky Jewson and the script was written by Jewson and Rupert Whitaker. Jewson spoke highly of the production and Netflix picking up the film for its service.

It was a privilege to make ‘Close’ with Noomi and Sophie. It felt unique to explore a strong female relationship prevailing against extraordinary odds. Working closely with Jacquie allowed us to bring an authenticity to the action scenes, which was very important to me. ‘Close’ has always been a story with heart and character at its core, and WestEnd and Netflix recognized this, and I am thrilled they are helping it achieve its vision.

The premise itself doesn’t sound original, but more female-led action films is quite okay with us. We’re interested to see how this one turns out when Netflix finally releases it.

Close currently doesn’t have a release date.

Source: Variety


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