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Captain America and Crew Ready For Battle In New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Shot


April 27th is taking entirely too long to arrive and although we are all coming off of the high of experiencing the lavish, technological landscape that is Wakanda (and doing my own version of the M’Baku challenge), I am more than ready to see where the cosmic juggernaut, Thanos, is going to take us in Avengers: Infinity War. While we’re still awaiting an official poster for the film as well as a more fleshed out trailer, we have gotten a new picture that we can stare at, scrutinize, and build new theories of what will take place in the film.

Captain American and Company in Avengers: Infinity War

Total Film, via sister company Games Radar, has released this picture and boy, oh, boy is there a lot to drink in. This seems to be taken in a different location than where we see them all in the trailer, though this could just be where the battle begins. From left to right we see General Okoye along with some of the other Dora Milaje spread out, King T’Challa in his Black Panther gear, the Wakandan border guard that was led by Daniel Kaluuya’s, W’Kabi, (who is not present in the shot), Captain America, Black Widow and, of course, Bucky Barnes.

First off, YAY! I love Okoye. Glad to see her at the front of the battle with Avengers. It goes to show you that she is a verifiable badass and can hang with this crew. T’Challa is looking fierce as ever while Cap seems to be rocking his Nomad look as Chris Evans grew out that killer beard. We’ll see if they happen to do a quick name drop or even an Easter egg within the film. Black Widow is, of course, sporting her new blonde look which I’m sure Scarlett Johansson appreciates. Then of course, we have Bucky Barnes. What I am most interested in is his new arm. It’s not as shiny as his old arm was but considering the man was in Wakanda, I am really hoping they take the route that his arm is made of vibranium. Not that I recall the nearly indestructible metal in such a dark hue, but man… if it IS… this is going to be sick. Also, notice how the arm is sans red star as well. No more winter soldiering for you, bud.

While this is only the Wakandan team of the Avengers, we do still have Tony Stark leading the charge on the New York front along with Dr. Strange and Spider-Man among others, I am sure, since there is a huge Black Order ship hovering above the city.

So hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think of Cap potentially taking on the Nomad moniker or what you think about Bucky’s new (vibranium?) arm and whether you prefer Romanoff as a blonde or a red head? I prefer the latter.

Avengers: Infinity War is due to take all of our money on April 27th!

SOURCE: Games Radar


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