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RAMPAGE Runs From THE AVENGERS: Moves Up Release Date To Avoid INFINITY WAR!


The Rock is no match for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Marvel surprised everyone by moving the U.S. release date up a week, so it opened at the same time everywhere on the planet. In doing so, it moved to merely a week after Rampage is released.

The newest Dwayne Johnson venture had two weeks of breathing room before The Avengers arrived. With the shift, it hardly had any time to grow. So Warner Bros has moved the film back to April 13th.

The shifting of Infinity War has a bigger impact than that though. Ready Player One comes out March 30th, and now that has less time to be King, before having to compete with Rampage and Infinity War. On the other side of that date, however, Infinity War has more space to make all the money in the world before Deadpool drops.

I have a feeling that Star Wars had something to do with this too. Not directly – they were fine being three weeks away. But now with the extra week, Disney doesn’t have to have as much overlapping promotion. It is a good problem to have, now promotion for Solo can completely take over their budget for May, without interference from the Avengers.

I am glad Marvel did this, because it’ll keep spoilers to a minimum. I know a lot of people outside of the country who would see Infinity War before me. It would be very difficult to keep away from that stuff for a week. Now, we can all experience it at the same time.

This was a smart move by Warner Bros. They have the same amount of space between them and Infinity War as they did before, and still doesn’t have much competition before them.

Warner Bros. was founded 94 years ago. Marvel Studios was founded 10 years ago. Yet Marvel has the power to change the landscape of the movie industry. It is quite remarkable what they’ve achieved in such a short time.

All of this is good news for the audience though, if you were looking forward to either or both of these films, your wait just shortened.

Rampage is now opening in theaters everywhere on April 13th.

Source: THR


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