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Is LEGION About To Bring Charles Xavier to TV? And Check Out The Trippy New Trailer!


If you haven’t been keeping up, Legion is the FX show that deals with David Haller, a super-powerful mutant with a kaleidoscope of powers depending on which of his multiple personalities is in charge. The interesting thing about this show is it was part of a special deal between Fox and Disney, since Fox didn’t only held the film rights to the X-Men at the time, not the television rights.

From a narrative standpoint, Legion is unique as well. At any moment, you don’t know what’s real or what’s imagined, which makes it one of those shows that you better not be browsing on your phone during or you’ll miss a crucial detail to what’s coming. It’s a glorious cross between X-Men and Mr. Robot with Dan Stevens in the lead role.

If you aren’t familiar with the comic book character of Legion or haven’t finished season one yet, then here be spoilers.

At the end of season one, we got a lot of hints that David’s father wasn’t the person that David thought was his father. As more details came together, it was revealed that David Haller’s father was someone very important to the X-Men Universe. Probably the most important person in the X-Men Universe.

Charles Xavier.

If they’re planning on bringing him in for Season Two of Legion, that’s huge. But who could they get to play Charles Xavier? Right now James McAvoy is playing Xavier in the films, and Patrick Stewart has said he’s retired from the role officially.  Bringing in a newcomer would probably be the safest bet, even though it could never live up to the “ultimate fan-cast” of Patrick Stewart.

Well, here’s the interesting part.

According to Dan Stevens, both Stevens and Stewart were guests at the same filming of The Late Late Show with James Corden and when Stevens cornered Stewart about coming on the show. Despite his retirement, Patrick Stewart responded “Absolutely. 100 percent.”

So what do you think about Patrick Stewart reprising the role of Professor Xavier for TV? Would that get you interested in Legion? Do you trust Dan Stevens, or do you think he’s just starting his own personal fan-campaign to get Patrick Stewart back in the chair?

And while we’ve got you here, check out this just-released trailer for the second season of the show:

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