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Is Simon Kinberg Still Writing A STAR WARS Film? What Could It Be?


Who doesn’t like a two for one deal? In a story completely unrelated to a galaxy far, far away, Deadline reports that Simon Kinberg has signed on to direct Warner Bros upcoming remake of Logan’s Run. But it is a line buried deep in that story that is intriguing.

While listing his credentials, Deadline says Kinberg is still writing a Star Wars movie. You can see the wording below:

“Kinberg, whose Jessica Chastain-fronted X-Men movie comes out in November, is best known for producing Deadpool and Logan. He is currently writing a forthcoming Star Wars movie, having been responsible for creating animated series Star Wars Rebels. Craig is represented by CAA, Grandview and Hanson Jacobson Teller, while Kinberg is also repped by CAA.”

A long time ago, on this very planet Kinberg was rumored to be writing the Boba Fett spinoff movie with Josh Trank at the helm. But things with Trank didn’t work out, and the order of the standalone Star Wars stories was changed to give us Rogue One first, then Solo.

Producer Simon Kinberg attends the World Premiere Of “Cinderella” on Sunday, March 1, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision/AP)

But could a Fett movie still happen? According to this, it is still very much in the cards. Or is it? Maybe Kinberg shifted to a completely different Star Wars project. With Star Wars: Rebels ending tonight, a show that he helped create, he might have an inkling to want to tell a different story with newly available characters. Of course, this could just be old information as well. Lucasfilm keeps things close to the chest, and it is isn’t happening until they say it is, and even then sometimes it doesn’t actually happen. So who knows.

Previous attempts by RTF Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles to get a comment from Kinberg about the status of his relationship with the Star Wars universe have led to several variations of him “Pleading the fifth.”

If there’s one fandom that will meticulously breakdown a seemingly innocuous line in a story about a Warner Bros remake, it is the Star Wars fandom. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what do YOU think? Is a Boba Fett movie still happening? Is it a different movie being referenced? Or is this old information?

Source: Deadline


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