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Zack Snyder Confirms A BATMAN v SUPERMAN Easter Egg That Could Factor Into Future DCU Movies


When films are made with love, there is usually a lot to unpack with them. Regardless of what you think of Snyder’s take on the DC Universe – he certainly did it with love for the characters in his heart.

Snyder also loves the new social media site Vero, and it is there where he answered a fan’s inquiry about a bike in the Batcave.

Someone sent that tweet to Snyder on Vero (you can see screenshots of the exchange over at ScreenRant) and asked if it was Robin’s bike. Snyder had this to say:

“I like to think it was Robins…Bruce can’t get rid of it”

This gives more insight into the background narrative that Snyder was presenting, which may of gotten lost amongst everything else. Snyder has already confirmed that the Robin suit shown in the film is that of the second Robin – Jason Todd.

Who knows if we will ever see the DCU version of the Jason Todd tragedy, but his story in the comics is worth the read. Snyder seems to have laid this emotional thread for Batman’s guilt over losing yet another Robin throughout the film, it just didn’t come off that way (to me, anyway). It’s something that likely would’ve been more adequately explored if Ben Affleck had been given the creative leeway and time required to make his solo The Batman movie the way he wanted.

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I wonder if that is something the Nightwing movie will address- if it happens, that is. I can see a film where Dick Grayson has to deal with some of Bruce’s shortcomings, even ones that don’t impact him personally. If the Nightwing movie can stay on track, I would like to see them explore this a bit.

What do you make of this new revelation? Does it change how you see Batman in the film?

Source: ScreenRant


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