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EL FANBOY: “State of The DC Union- Reeves/Batman, Campea Crap, And The Way Forward”


It’s been a tumultuous few days for DC fans, with John Campea dropping vague hints of impending doom and amateur “journalists” everywhere trying to get the scoop (and the clicks). Amidst it all, El Fanboy host and Editor-in-Chief of Revenge of The Fans Mario-Francisco Robles, has conducted his own investigation to try and get to the truth of all of these rumblings.

  • Does any of Campea’s Doomsday Message have to do with the recent whispers of Matt Reeves leaving The Batman?
  • Is WB/DC about to hard reboot the DCU?
  • Is their approach doomed to fail? At the moment, they want to be both filmmaker-driven AND still maintain a cohesive, shared universe.
  • Let’s take a hard look at the other big shared universes, the ones overseen by Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and Fox, as we try to see what lies ahead for WB/DC if they’re not careful and crystal clear about their vision.

MFR dives very deep on these topics, and it gets personal.

Along the way, here’s hoping you walk away with a better understanding of what’s going on and with clear desires for where you want things to go and how you’d like to see them get there. There’s no free lunch, and MFR pulls no punches in explaining the Pros and Cons of various situations.

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Mario-Francisco Robles

Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Revenge of The Fans. Previously, he's written for Latino-Review, IGN, Moviehole, and The Splash Report. He's also the host of the top-rated show The Fanboy Podcast and the co-host of The Revengers Podcast. E-Mail: MFR@RevengeOfTheFans.com | Twitter: @I_AM_MFR

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