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Zachary Levi Comments on Shazam! Costume Leak: It Was ‘Unplanned’


Words like “leaks” and “hacked” are thrown around quite often these days, and often they don’t mean what they used to. In this day and age a lot of people do it on purpose, or if they regret some hateful thing they posted they instantly say they were hacked. For instance, the Deadpool test footage was purposefully “leaked” to gauge interest in a standalone movie that was stuck in development hell. It worked, and Deadpool was made and went on to be a huge success. Well recently, a leaked picture of Levi dressed in his costume for Shazam made the rounds on the internet. No one knew if it was coordinated and calculated or what.

But sometimes leaks just happen. Levi, who plays the titular hero took to social media to say that the leak was “unplanned.” You can watch the video below.

If you pay close attention someone who is with Levi asks him if that is the “real costume” to which he either didn’t hear or ignored. Levi also said we’ll have a better picture of his costume “at some point”.

Shazam is going to be a hard sell for people who aren’t familiar with the character. The leak is unfortunate, as DC should be able to release images on their terms. Hopefully they release something official soon, perhaps with a plot synopsis and some more character information.

Source: ComicBook.com


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