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MUST-SEE: Chadwick Boseman Surprises BLACK PANTHER Fans In Heartwarming Video


Here at Revenge of The Fans, we love celebrating what happens when fans get to interact with their heroes. In increasingly cynical times, it’s nice to share these kinds of magical moments where a simple gesture can mean so much. Such is the case for these Black Panther fans who thought they were merely shooting a segment for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where they’d get to share their appreciation for Marvel’s latest film.

As it turns out, they each get way more than they bargained for when T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman, surprises them.

Black Panther has been out for two weeks, and it’s become something of a cultural moment. It’s been embraced by fans, critics, and the box office numbers have been astronomical, as everyone seems to love what Boseman and Ryan Coogler came up with for the Wakandan king’s first solo venture.

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Our own Brandon Alvarado even joined in on the love fest when he published his own ode to Black Panther earlier this week, titled “Long Live The King!

What’d you think of Boseman’s big surprise on The Tonight Show? Is there a celebrity that would make you totally lose your mind if you met them? Or have you met one of your heroes? Please share your stories with us in the comments below.

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