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Tessa Thompson Says That ‘Women Rule’ Phase 4 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe


DC Comics was the only serious name in superhero movies for a long time. With Richard Donner’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman, they pioneered what a superhero movie could be. The landscape changed again in 2000 when Marvel made X-Men; then again in 2005 when DC came back with Batman Begins. When 2008 rolled around, DC had arguably their best movie ever in The Dark Knight and Marvel launched their own cinematic universe with Iron Man. We’ve been on a superhero high ever since.

But even in the last 10 years, the landscape has changed. With movies like Logan, and Deadpool, the definition of “comic book movie” will never be the same. But nothing has evolved the genre like movies in the last year. DC’s Wonder Woman and Marvel’s Black Panther have put women and minorities at the forefront, and audiences are loving it.

Tessa Thompson was part of that evolution in Thor: Ragnarok playing Valkyrie, a warrior that even Thor himself looked up to. Tessa made it clear that she thinks that is where the future of the MCU is:

“I think what we’re seeing, regardless of a lady liberator or an A-force movie or a female ensemble Marvel movie, is that in phase four, women rule supreme. We’re seeing a Black Widow movie in the works, which I hear about and is so exciting, Captain Marvel with Brie Larson and DeWanda Wise. We’re seeing that women are at the forefront of these stories [and], of course, with Black Panther those incredible warrior women in that film.”

While a Black Widow movie hasn’t been confirmed, she isn’t the first to mention it. Chris Evans said it was happening too. There have also been rumblings of a Marvel Female Team-Up film too.

It’s great to see Tessa Thompson as pumped up about the future of the MCU as she is. I happen to agree with her. The “No Man’s Land” sequence in Wonder Woman is one of the greatest cinematic moments of the decade. As for Black Panther, the women stole the show. It says something for how strong the supporting characters are, when the titular character is boring when he’s on screen next to them. When I walked out of Thor: Ragnarok, my first thought was that I hoped to see Thompson’s Valkyrie again very soon.

Maybe Tessa Thompson show up this summer in Avengers: Infinity War where she can meet some of her female superheroes.

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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