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BLACK PANTHER: Jordan Thanks Fans for Support As Theater Chains Clamor For More Diversity!


Two weeks into its campaign, Black Panther’s global dominance continues.

Already earning over $700 million worldwide in under 10 days, the support for Marvel’s newest superhero flick hasn’t seemed to wavier. Taking to the official Marvel Studios Instagram account, actor Michael B. Jordan thanked fans in a series of Stories for their continuing support of the film.

Hey, I just want to take the time out to thank everybody who’s been showing so much love, all the fan-art, all the pictures and the comments, going out to see the movie, I appreciate you guys… It’s a crazy feeling, something that you poured your heart and soul into, for the world to see and share, how it’s affecting people, surreal feeling and I know it doesn’t happen all the time so I just want to take this moment to genuinely thank everyone, you know, all my new followers, everybody man. The love is real, you know what I mean, just know that and I can’t wait to bring something else, a little piece of my soul, all right?

Black Panther’s continuing success has also increased the call for more diverse superhero films. Speaking with Variety, John Fithian, head of the National Association of Theatre Owners, said that, as long as the films are good, diverse flicks like Black Panther and Wonder Woman will succeed, no matter what time of the year they come out.

Theater owners have been asking for more diversity in movies for a long time, and by diversity we mean diversity in casting and diversity in times of the year when movies are released. Black Panther proves if you’re good, people will come out and see you any time of the year. It also shows that a movie with an all-black cast and a black director can break records. It’s not the race or the sex of the actors in a movie, it’s the quality of the movie that matters.

With a Wonder Woman sequel on the way and one for Black Panther likely to be announced in the near future, audiences of all races and genders have shown they want to be represented on the big screen. Marvel will offer a female-led superhero flick of its own in 2019 with Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson. Other films, like Marvel’s Black Widow and DC’s Batgirl, are also on the menu in the coming years.

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