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NIGHTWING Director Not Leaving Film Unless Fired


Director of the upcoming Nightwing solo movie, Chris McKay, has confirmed that he will not be leaving the project any time soon unless he were to be fired. His comment comes from the fairly high director turnover that the DCEU has been experiencing as of late. Since the announcement of the DC shared universe back in 2014, there has been about a dozen filmmakers that have agreed to helm a movie only to later leave the projects due to either scheduling conflicts, but more importantly, creative differences with the studio.

Between the recent news of Joss Whedon departing the Batgirl project, granted on what seems to be amicable terms, there is now a mad dash to find a replacement. Let’s not also forget that Flashpoint directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis aren’t officially on board so that isn’t exactly leaving much faith on the future of DC’s stable of films.

With that being said, we can at least count on McKay sticking around and seeing his film through to the end. Earlier this week, there were rumors swirling about McKay being in talks to helm Paramount’s upcoming Dungeons and Dragons film based on the tabletop RPG. With that movie’s planned release date of 2021, it lead to concerns about the future of Dick Grayson’s solo flick and questioned McKay’s involvement with Nightwing. Thankfully, the director has confirmed that he isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. If he were to vacate, it would have to be done through an old fashioned firing.

There you have it. Straight from the horses mouth. With McKay being hard at work on the Grayson project (sounds like an EDM group) since last February, not much in terms of development has been showcased and it seems still in its early stages. What I’m waiting to see is if we can get some more details from Mr. McKay. A potential release timeline? A costume? SOMETHING!

What do you think about the future of Nightwing? Bright or bleak? Sound off on the comments below!

SOURCE: Screen Rant


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