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Christopher Nolan Eliminates Himself From Directing BOND 25


Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors working today, and after making one of the best superhero trilogies of all time, there was another franchise that he was rumored to be attached to – the Bond franchise.

With this likely being Daniel Craig’s last go as James Bond, what better way than to have Nolan give him his swan song? But sadly that won’t happen. Nolan gave an interview with BBC Radio 4 and said the following:

“I won’t be the man. No, categorically. I think every time they hire a new director I’m rumored to be doing it.”

It’s true. Just like how Idris Elba is always rumored to play Bond, Nolan’s name is always thrown around to direct.

I don’t think he’s shut the door completely however, but I do think the circumstances have to be right for him to take the job. I’d imagine he’d want to write it and be able to cast it his way, meaning he’d want to pick his own James Bond. Maybe someone from his own stable he always uses. Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy or Christian Bale perhaps?

I usually don’t consider people not doing things news. Here’s an exclusive – I am not directing Bond 25 either. But this is different because he’s talked about wanting to do one, and I’m sure the producers would jump at the chance.

Who would you like to see direct the next Bond movie? Would you like to see Nolan take the helm one day?

Source: BBC Radio 4


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