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Robert Liefeld Shares Hilarious Fan Art of Cable’s Revenge on Deadpool For Last Week’s Trolling


Last week, Ryan Reynolds had a good laugh at Deadpool 2 co-star Josh Brolin’s expense. The former Goonies actor turned the big 5-0 and Reynolds decided to troll him by posting this picture to his Instragram on his birthday:

Now a fan has taken to photoshop to create what Brolin would likely consider the best comeback to his Deadpool 2 buddy. Deadpool creator Robert Liefeld liked it so much that he shared it on his own Instagram and gave big ups to the fan who made it: @HouseOfMat

Well done!

It’s no secret that X-Men Origins: Wolverine left a big stain on the Deadpool character for a while, following its release in 2009. His depiction in that film has become the butt of so many jokes that they even addressed and mocked it in Tim Miller’s uber-successful reboot in 2016. Regardless, it’s a chapter Reynolds would likely love to forget at this point, so we’re sure he’d think this bit of fan art would be a perfect touché for last week’s trolling of Brolin.

We’ll get to enjoy Reynolds and Brolin’s antagonistic chemistry when Deadpool 2 arrives on May 18.

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