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Rumor: Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd Looking To New Publishers For STAR WARS Game Franchise


Alright gamer friends, if you’re anything like me, you would think that the state of Star Wars games has been pretty lax as of late. Now, I am not considering The Old Republic as I know people are still playing it, but the game came out almost 7 years ago. Digest that for a second. Okay, done? Now that you feel a little older, let’s move on.

It’s seems that the unhappiness is mutual with Disney/LFL as they are looking at two publishers to possibly take over or at least supply some new games! Just to backtrack, Electronic Arts snagged the exclusive rights to to create and publish Star Wars games way back in 2013. Since that acquisition though, we haven’t seen much fruit bearing from the EA tree. The first game that was announced and released was Star Wars Battlefront, which suffered backlash due to a lack of a single player mode. It was the reason why I never owned the game myself. Multiplayer only is fantastic when done well (a la Destiny, though others may disagree) but without much content out of the gate, things got old very fast, which is what happened with Battlefront. While there was DLC that added more value to the game overall, it was too little, too late and everyone was waiting to see what was next.

Star Wars Battlefront II then came out but boy, oh boy, did that come with a heavy price tag. Despite last minute changes, the launch was not the greatest and finally shined a much needed light on the use of micro transactions and much coveted loot boxes that contained content you were only able to obtain by spending actual cash otherwise your own leveling would be stunted in game. While EA were the pioneers of micro-transactions and many companies replicated the business model; it seems EA is now regretting their little cash cow with some governments looking to crack down on the practice. EA’s latest financial statements have shown the impact of this negative attention with sales being down and overall failing to meet expectations.

Star Wars, needless to say, is dominating in Hollywood, the comic book series have been much loved, the novel shave been churning out at a steady pace adding more to the overall universe, but in terms of games, where it should honestly be EASY to create content, it is sorely lacking. For me, the last great Star Wars game was The Force Unleashed. Killer use of force powers, the ability to modify your lightsaber, and a platforming action game that had a rich story and added to Vader’s story.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

There have been some mobile games that can satisfy the casual gamers appetite, but nothing that would keep a hardcore gamer happy. Lucasfilm originally went to EA because of the amount of developers the company had at their disposal and the thought of banging out great content at a steady pace was a possibility. But with only 2 games out in a 5 year span? One of which was a sequel at that with only a couple of others BARELY announced… this shows as a bad investment.

As it is, Visceral Games, who created the Sci-Fi horror series, Dead Space, were working on a story driven Star Wars game but they closed their doors late last year with the created content being shuffled over to a new team for another game. THAT game was supposed to be EA’s big Star Wars release for 2018. No longer. According to reports from Cinelinx, EA has been called in to speak about what’s wrong. More importantly, Disney/LFL apparently reached out to both Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed) and Activision (Destiny) about potentially developing Star Wars games.

Could this just be a threat to get EA back on track? Possibly. But the thought of either of these two studios getting their hands on Star Wars is exciting. EA has had their chance and I think it is about time we have a changing of the guard. Bioware did a fantastic job with the Knights of the Old Republic games and are held in very high regard in terms of complexity and content. They surely aren’t the only studios ready to bring out some sick games for us. Just take away this equation

Assassin’s Creed + Star Wars = ???

Let me know what you think about this bit of news and sound off in the comments below!


SOURCE: Cinelinx



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