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Marvel Studios And Disney Really Showed BLACK PANTHER The Money


Kevin Feige has been a huge part of the success Marvel Studios has seen the last few years and has continued to break records, shatter expectations, and push the envelope. His latest movie has already lived up to the hype and has had an impact on society in a positive way. Children of color everywhere are excited to see one of Marvel’s oldest heroes and one of their first of color make their solo debut when Black Panther arrives tomorrow night..

For those who know of Wakanda, the home of Black Panther, it is an African land of advanced technology never before seen by any of the most brilliant minds and is a culture rivaled by none which made many of us worried about what image would be created for the film. Director Ryan Coogler, with the support of Feige and the Marvel machine, has clearly made something visually amazing and the studio spared no expense.

In an interview with Vulture the president of Marvel Studios said this of Black Panther‘s budget:

“I hope you can tell from watching the movie……but the resources devoted to this movie are equal to and in fact surpass our last couple of movies.

“It’s a big story that deserves to be told in a big way, for all of the cultural and political reasons that people talk about, but also because it’s such a key corner of our Marvel universe, and has been for decades and decades…

“We wanted to do it justice, and we have a studio with Disney, and leaders with Alan Horn and Bob Iger, who supported us a hundred percent.”

The implications of what this could mean for future Marvel films that star characters of color are huge and says a lot about what the MCU envisions for the audience. It is an experience that looks to hold true, not just to the comic books, but to the changes that society is making towards the better. Black Panther will leave a mark and may be setting the bar.

I, as an African-American fanboy, am thrilled to see how fully committed Marvel and Disney have been to bringing Black Panther to life in a “Go big, or go home” way.

SOURCE: Vulture


Michael Powell

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