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RUMOR: KENOBI Is Filming Next Summer, And George Lucas Is Helping Out?!


Rumors are always abundant on the internet, but one that has never really wavered was the development of an Obi-Wan Kenobi film. There is new fuel to that fire now, as a local paper in Ireland, the Belfast Telegraph, claims that scouting is being done in the country for locations to shoot the anthology film starring Ewan McGregor and rumored to be directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot).

There are massive intakes of salt needed for this however, because the person reportedly doing the scouting was none other that George Lucas. Lucas famously sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012 has not been involved with any of the movies in an official capacity since. For him to be scouting locations for a movie he has nothing to do with is odd. But you never know. After all, Lucas knows the character better than anyone, and he might be doing it at the request of Daldry, Kennedy or someone else. On the other hand, he might just be on vacation there and it is all a complete coincidence.

Then an insider told the Irish paper that after Game of Thrones wrapped up there, a new tenant would take over:

“We’ve been told there will be work throughout 2019 because Star Wars is coming to Belfast.”

The insider continued to say that Lucas toured the facilities, and it was “understood” that it was to get his seal of approval.

“It was all very low key, only a few people knew that the old guy walking round the set was George Lucas. It was only when we were told about Star Wars coming here next year that it dawned on us that was why he was here before Christmas.”

So who knows? I definitely believe a Kenobi film is happening. I prefer new stories away from the Skywalker timeline for the spinoffs, but if I could chose one character to get a solo adventure, Obi-Wan would be it. It makes the most sense that he would have a compelling story to tell in the 19 years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. It always has. McGregor was the highlight of the prequels, he made even the clunkiest of dialogue feel heartfelt and sincere.

There was a great Star Wars discussion on the last El Fanboy Podcast (with special guests Rick Shew and Aaron Virola) about something that could make this Kenobi movie monumentally special. If you’re a fan of podcasts and a fan of Star Wars you should really check it out by CLICKING HERE.

With Rian Johnson’s trilogy happening, Episode IX gearing up to start filming in the summer, and the Thrones creators developing their own movie series in the Star Wars universe, this rumor could be for anything…or nothing.

Do you think a Kenobi movie will be officially announced soon? Will George Lucas be more involved with it than he has with others? Sound off below!

Source: Belfast Telegraph


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