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THE REVENGERS: “DC News Explosion, Super Mario, A Female 007, Venom, and Solo!”


On this week’s episode of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, our tireless trio Vanessa Lee Bontea, Brett Miro, and Mario-Francisco Robles discuss a cavalcade of DC stories that have flooded the net as of late. From the leaked clip of Superman and the black suit in Justice League, to the outing of Zack Snyder’s firing, to Nightwing rumblings, Aquaman’s costume, Joaquin Phoenix agreeing to play The Joker, and an intriguing filmmaker interested in making Swamp Thing, there’s tons to discuss from the DC Universe.

The Revengers also touch on some of the other big stories going around, like:

  • Why Nintendo chose Illumination to produce its Super Mario Bros movie
  • Rachel Weisz’s interesting comments regarding a female James Bond
  • The influences for Solo: A Star Wars Story (and how MFR may be finally warming up to this movie! #Nolo?)
  • That polarizing Venom trailer!

Along the way, they also touch on what they’re watching and recommending, and- as always- they have a ton of fun along the way.

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Let us know what you think of this new episode, and what you think we can improve upon now that The Revengers is still in its infancy. We want to hear your honest impressions of the show as we strive to make the best possible program for your weekly geek podcast needs!

And remember: You are a Revenger, too.

So if you have any topics or questions you’d like to hear on the show, just say the word!


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