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Colossus Set To Have A Bigger Role in DEADPOOL 2


2016’s Deadpool brought some much-needed justice to the Merc With the Mouth, but it was another mutant that also caught people’s attention.

Colossus played the straight-man to Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in the film, but, in an interview with Inverse, actor Stefan Kapicic revealed that the metallic X-Man will have a bigger role in Deadpool 2.

“Colossus is one of the most important characters, besides Deadpool and Cable, and you will see why. Colossus is important for this story. People who love Colossus are going to be crazy. All these new characters, so many surprises in this trailer. This is just the beginning.”

As a fan of the character in the first film, Kapicic’s comments please me. Deadpool and Colossus played off each other so well, so a bigger role for him makes sense. While he didn’t give away how much bigger his role will be, Kapicic revealed that the relationship between he and Deadpool is still the same.

“Colossus is trying to make him a better person, to stop being childish. Stop doing crazy things. This scene we see in the trailer, that’s the picture of their relationship… Deadpool is hard to change. Colossus is an old school superhero. He’s trying to make [Deadpool] a better man, an X-Man. But the thing is, Deadpool is doing his own thing.”

While we didn’t get a chance to see him in the trailer that dropped last week, an international trailer showed a brief scene of Colossus hugging Deadpool, with the Merc With the Mouth grabbing the X-Man’s butt. Classic Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 is set to release on May 18.

Are you ready for more Colossus?


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