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CLOVERFIELD 5 Could Be Happening with Daisy Ridley Starring


Welcome to the internet, where we have news about sequels to movies not even out yet. Yesterday we wrote about J.J. Abrams wanting to be involved in the post-production of The Cloverfield Paradox but couldn’t due to his commitments to Star Wars: Episode IX. But now there is new evidence to suggest that a movie being developed by Bad Robot could be Cloverfield 5.

Some background: Cloverfield 4 is being developed as a World War II movie called Overlord that Paramount still plans on releasing in theaters. Now people are thinking that Cloverfield 5 could be a movie called Kolma based off of the 2003 Israeli TV movie which is a story that “follows a couple dealing with the ramifications of the afterlife.” Abrams would produce as usual, with Marielle Heller directing and Daisy Ridley, who has a good working relationship with Abrams, set to star.

It is silly to assume that every movie Bad Robot picks up could be a Cloverfield film. But it is not silly to assume that any movie picked up by them could be one now. One Reddit user, RealJohnGillman, posted the following:

Kolma Is Cloverfield 5 Confirmed from r/Cloververse

A website that is for a company within the Cloverfield universe called Tagruato has been updated to suggest the hints laid out in the Reddit post above. Websites for fictional companies within TV shows and movies are nothing new. They date back to the early 2000s with LOST and other cult favorite shows. They are meant for fans to deep dive into to find new information. That is exactly what happened here.

While Abrams is busy with writing and directing Episode IX, he is producing a ton of things for movies and television. Perhaps he has more of a plan for the Cloverfield franchise than I initially thought. We still need a “clean up” movie though, like The Avengers of this universe, to make it more cohesive, and let it move this universe forward, instead of lateral.



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