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Chris Hemsworth, Who’d Be The Perfect 007, Addresses Idea of Playing Him


Okay, what’s going on today? Between this and an out-of-nowhere update on a sequel to The Strangers I’ll be covering next, it’s like the universe has been paying very close attention to the El Fanboy Podcast. In recent months, I’ve suggested on the show that Chris Hemsworth would be an ideal James Bond, and The Strangers was one of my weekly referrals to listeners. So this is a pretty awesome day.


Chris Hemsworth, who’s going to have a ton of free time soon now that his time as Marvel’s cinematic Thor is coming to an end (for the time being), was recently asked if he’d tackle another major franchise. It’s a franchise that will soon be in search of a new lead now that its current star, Daniel Craig, is about to be similarly free of his contractual obligations. The franchise in question, of course, is James Bond.

Craig has made it pretty clear that his days as 007 are numbered, and- to some- it was actually shocking he even agreed to do one more James Bond movie. But he is, and that’s great, but it’ll definitely be his last go as the super-spy, meaning that the search for the next Bond will begin very soon.

The soon-to-be unemployed Hemsworth was asked if he’d consider playing James Bond, and here’s what he said:

“Yeah, I think any actor would jump at that opportunity. I’m certainly a fan. A whole lot of pressure comes with that, though. I think the Bond fan base is probably more critical than the comic book fanbase.”

Aside from being concerned about the pressure of taking on the mantle of Bond, Hemsworth noted why he thinks he’s somewhat unqualified for the role on account of his Australian roots:

“But I don’t know, there’s plenty of guys that would do a better job than I would. Plenty of English men or women that could probably take over that one. …I feel like it’s a sort of English world.”

Well, Chris, you’re wrong. You’d be the perfect James Bond. And here’s why:

  • Women want you
  • Men want to be you
  • You can easily pull off “suave action hero”
  • You have a great sense of humor, which would be perfect for a series that needs to find its charm again. We’ve had “brooding, uber-serious 007” since 2006’s Casino Royale. It’s time to bring back the swagger, dry wit, and sexy fun of the 60s and 70s Bond films
  • You’re only 34, meaning you could play the role for a long time and still have plenty of time for other things after
  • Oh, and former Bond George Lazenby is a fellow Aussie, and Pierce Brosnan is Irish! So don’t screw this up for us with all this “It should be a Brit” nonsense!

Chris Hemsworth should be the next James Bond. My work here is done.

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SOURCE: Sunrise


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