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Milla Jovovich to Replace Olivia Munn in HUMMINGBIRD


Hummingbird has found its third – and hopefully final – leading lady in Milla Jovovich. The film is an action movie based on the black list script from John McClain. Producers are comparing Hummingbird to that of Lucy and Bourne. Her role in the film is described as that of a “black-ops assassin who begins to question her skills and training when she’s placed on a questionable assignment. ”

The film originally had Zoe Saldana attached, before being replaced with Olivia Munn. Now Munn is replaced by Jovovich.

All of the women attached to star in Hummingbird are no stranger to high octane action movies. Saldana has some great action sequences in Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek, and Colombiana; while Munn flexed her action muscles in X-Men: Apocalypse, and has been ripe to star in her own action franchise for a while. Either one would have been great in the role. Jovovich, however, is probably the most qualified to handle something like this. Being the lead of six Resident Evil movies is no small feat. Her ability to anchor a blockbuster franchise is a welcome commodity. She can definitely kick butt on screen, and for her to have the opportunity to do it again is welcome news.

Jovovich will be seen in the Hellboy reboot before starring in Hummingbird. Her career is flourishing post-Resident Evil, and Hummingbird sounds like it will be a another step in the right direction.

I love the mid-budget action flicks like John Wick that seem to get rarer as time goes on. Even more so, are ones led by females. Atomic Blonde was a fun flick, and Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence looks promising. If that does well hopefully it will cause a renaissance in these types of films and Hummingbird will arrive just in time for peak interest.

Source: Variety


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