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THE REVENGERS PODCAST: “Super Bowl Trailer Reactions, Shazam!, No MCU X-Men?, And Uma/Quentin!”


This week your favorite trio is back for an all-new The Revengers Podcast. We’re fully charged after an unexpected layover last week, and we’re ready to pod your faces off!

As always, start things off by catching up on what we’ve been watching, then we cover all of the week’s top stories, and have a ton of fun along the way. Come join in!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Super Bowl Trailers (Did SOLO’s big reveal move the needle for any of us?)
  • Jumanji is king at the box office (AGAIN?!?!)
  • Is Comcast going to block our beloved X-Men from joining the MCU?!
  • The fallout of Uma Thurman’s allegations about Quentin Tarantino

We cover a ton of ground this week, and things even take a surprisingly serious tone towards the end.

You can listen to the latest episode of The Revengers Podcast, titled “Super Bowl Trailer Reactions, Shazam!, No MCU X-Men?, And Uma/Quentin!” right here:

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