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Last year, video game and action movie fans were given some fantastic news. Donnie Yen, one of the stars of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is set to play the role of undercover detective, Wei Shen, in the live-action adaptation of the video game Sleeping Dogs. I have played through the entirety of the game twice and am floored by this news and super excited.

As most gamers know, Sleeping Dogs was actually created as new installment for the True Crime video game series to be set in Hong Kong. Due to bad sales for the True Crime series as a whole and Activision being scared of not receiving significant return on their investment, True Crime: Hong Kong was shelved. Square Enix eventually stepped in, bought publishing rights to the game, realized it’s potential and the game was released in late 2012. THANKS SQUARE ENIX!

For those unaware of the premise of Sleeping Dogs, you play as undercover detective Wei Shen, a former San Francisco police officer who was transferred to the Hong Kong Police Force and assigned to go undercover, infiltrate and destroy a Triad organization known as the Sun On Yee. The gameplay relies on the duality of being a police officer and staying on mission while also delving in criminal activities to prove yourself as a proper Triad soldier while moving up the ranks.

Now, we have word from Sleeping Dogs star Yen about the movie and that it is in progress! Finally! In an Instagram picture by Yen, shown above, he writes “Sometimes great things take a bit of time. Sleeping Dogs is motion, you guys ready for this?” The picture is a side by side of Yen in costume next to a picture of lead character, Wei Shen. If there is any actor that can pull off the character and the martial arts action required to make this film a hit… it’s Donnie Yen. I mean… have you seen Ip Man? If the answer is no… watch it and you’re welcome.

SOURCE: Kotaku


Robb Moreira

Robb Moreira is a Voice Over artist, actor, writer, and most importantly, FULL TIME GEEK. Video games have been his life since he was 4 years old where he cut his gaming teeth on the Sega Master System. He enjoys comics, reading and all things horror as well! He is also the voice of "Pushy" the Push Pop in all commercials in the US and Canada! Fave Superhero: Batman Fave movie @ the moment: Black Panther

  • ManateeAdvocate

    Great game. That being said, I’ll watch Donnie Yen in anything. He’s A #1 in my realm. Incredible talent.

    • Robb Moreira

      Couldn’t agree more. Donnie Yen is one Hell of a talent. Besides the Ip Man movies, you ever check out Dragon Tiger Gate? SOOOOO good.

      Yes, INCREDIBLE game.

      • ManateeAdvocate

        Indeed I have. I’ve seen just about everything he’s in. Kung Fu Killer (stupid title aside) is rather good. I watch it on regular rotation. One I watch more so is Wu Xia (aka Dragon here in the States). I imported the Chinese version as it is uncut. Clearly I love this film. An astoundingly deft noir-ish thriller. There’s a surprise cameo at the end too if you’re a fan of classic Shaw Brothers fare.

        Seek them both out if you’re ever in the mood for more Donnie Yen GREATNESS.

      • Lexan Alvarado

        Dragon Tiger Gate is pretty cool, but have you seen Flashpoint?

  • Lexan Alvarado

    This going to be one of those weird situations where i am probably going to buy the game now to prepare for the movie. I know Square Enix is a premiere gaming company and is one of the key players in the reboot of Tomb Raider series. Donnie Yen is an amazing martial arts actor and YES I HAVE SEEN EVERY DONNY YEN IP MAN. Those two reasons are enough to have me pumped. I really hope that they are able to crack the video game-to-movie equation and create an amazing experience.

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