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Revenger Reaction: “Why You Should Be Excited AND Scared For SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY”


Aaron Virola, a reader/listener/supporter of Revenge of the Fans, and all-around Star Wars fanatic, is back with another dissection of what’s going on in that galaxy far, far away.

This time, he stepped away from the Super Bowl to react to the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and explain why he’s both excited AND scared about the next Star Wars movie. This man stepped away from the game! Talk about commitment.

Check out his two cents, and let us know if you agree/disagree with him:

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What do you think of Aaron’s reasoning? How did you feel about the trailer? What’s your current excitement level like, now that we’ve finally seen some footage and scoped out some epic posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story? Make like Aaron and sound off! Use the Comments below. We’ll see you there.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is only a few months away. May 25, here we come…


Mario-Francisco Robles

Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Revenge of The Fans. Previously, he's written for Latino-Review, IGN, Moviehole, and The Splash Report. In late-2017, with the popularity of his solo endeavor (the El Fanboy Podcast) reaching an all-time high, he decided it was time to launch a proper site for his scoops and analysis. Welcome to RTF!

  • DJ Aloriv

    So the full trailer dropped today and you know what…my thoughts/feelings stand as there were in the video.

    My biggest obstacle in this movie is NOT thinking of Harrison Ford. That will take some getting used to but as a Bond fan – I’ve had to make some adjustments.

    Let’s go #SOLO!

    • Mario-Francisco Robles

      See, I don’t think the Bond comparison is apt. Why? I’m glad you asked…

      Because this film is supposed to lead up to A New Hope. Even if only loosely, it’s supposed to be the same Han Solo.

      In the Bond-verse, it’s never been that Roger Moore’s 007 is meant to lead into Sean Connery’s Bond in Dr. No. Just as Daniel Craig’s James is not the prequel of Timothy Dalton’s.

      The point is, every time they recast Bond, it’s essentially a reboot of some kind. Solo: A Star Wars Story is NOT a reboot. It’s a prequel to an established Han Solo, therefore, if Ehrenreich is very different from Ford…sigh. Just…sigh.

      • DJ Aloriv

        I get that…but there’s one little movie that does serve as a “prequel” if you will and that is Casino Royale. It essentially sets up why Bond is the way he is – his connection to Felix, to M, to Q and so on. What if THAT’S what we’re going to get with #Solo? So I’ll just…umm…leave that there for you to swallow.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        Nuh uh.

        Casino Royale was the first HARD reboot of the series. New cast. Modern setting. Everything reworked and rewired.

        Just cause CRAIG was playing a young Bond doesn’t mean he’s playing a young Connery.

      • Lexan Alvarado

        Drop the Mic! Lol

      • DJ Aloriv

        It was a reboot I agree with you there…but Bond is Bond and it WAS Daniel’s take on Bond. So Alden Ehrenreich is playing a young Han Solo not Harrison Ford

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        You’re right. But the point is…that’s wrong! lol

      • DJ Aloriv
      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        He should NOT be making it “his own”! He’s playing the same Han!!! It only makes sense to make it your own if you’re starting off a whole new take on the character and rebooting it. If what you’re doing is supposed to exist in the same canon and continuity…then you have to strive to keep it like what’s come before!


      • DJ Aloriv

        I agree 100% but he kinda HAS to make it his own…otherwise it’ll be an impression of Harrison Ford. He has to own it and it ultimately has to lead into the character that we meet in A New Hope but he has to have an arc and that arc might start with him being someone completely different than we expect.

      • DJ Aloriv

        Also – stop cursing!

  • ManateeAdvocate

    I hope it delivers for those of you wanting to see this. As for me?

  • Lexan Alvarado

    Not a huge Star Wars fan myself, but I understand many of the poimts that worry you about Solo. The Infinity War bit is a BIG DEAL. Lucasfilm might be shooting themselves on the foot with that one, but I digress. Great video, Aaron. Thanks for sharing.

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