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Did The Super Bowl INFINITY WAR Spot Tease Something Insane?


When Disney acquired the properties of 20th Century Fox, the one thing most people were excited about was the potential of the X-Men crossing over with Avengers. When the deal did go through, nobody was expecting anything until at least 2020.

But will we see something sooner? In the Super Bowl ad for Avengers: Infinity War there is evidence to possibly support that. A few eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter noticed a scar on the face of Thanos.


Even one of our own loyal readers tweeted this at us after seeing Thanos’ mug in the teaser:

It certainly seems that way. Wolverine’s claws leave distinct marks on anything that he attacks. Could Marvel be surprising us with a Wolverine cameo? Or is it an off screen event in an effort to bridge the gap between the two universes? It could of course, be something else entirely. For example, Black Panther’s claws could make that mark, or it could be from some beast from a past adventure.

Personally, I don’t think it has anything to do with the X-Men yet. I do believe those Easter eggs are coming, but- unless Kevin Feige is a giant liar– they are a long way off. Avengers: Infinity War has a ton of work to do, and a ton of characters to balance already, without having to deal with Professor Xavier and his team of mutants. What do you make of those interesting scars on Thanos?



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  • SnakeJerusalem

    Dude, go check the first trailer for IW. Look closely at Thanos face when he comes out of the portal. He already had those marks.

    • Mario-Francisco Robles

      But, but…Snake! We want to BELIEVE!!

      (You’re totally right)

      But we want to BELIEEEVE!!!

      • SnakeJerusalem

        In all seriousness, please refrain from publishing articles like this. This is borderline clickbait.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        Dually noted.

        But what’s interesting here is that the lines aren’t exactly the same. Here’s a picture from the original trailer, where the lines just seem like part of his face.

        In the Super Bowl spot, they’re much deeper and they look more like battle scars.

        Go compare this shot to the close-up in the article.

        This is why it’s even a conversation at all. But I’ve noted that this straddled the line between News and Bait, and I’ll be more mindful of that next time around 🙂

      • SnakeJerusalem

        That is probably just a combination of lighting and unpolished CGI. Even in the original trailer, there are shots where thanos looks even more realistic than in this one. Once we apply a little bit of Occam’s Razor. there is no reason to have this discussion.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        You’ve got it, Snake. I appreciate your constructive criticism on this matter, and I’ll be sure to keep Occam’s razor very sharp when look at future topics to cover 🙂

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