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EL FANBOY #47: “More On JUSTICE LEAGUE Fallout, X-Men/MCU, Nintendo Movies, More!”


MFR’s health is back to normal, and he’s decided to make up for missing this week’s Revengers Podcast by giving you a super-sized edition of El Fanboy! He starts things off by tackling yesterday’s big Revenge Report regarding the fallout of Justice League at Warner Bros. now that its theatrical run is on its last legs. He sheds more light on what’s going on at the studio, offers a State of The Union for Revenge of The Fans, and then gets into all of the week’s top news stories.

But he’s not alone! As a consolation prize for there not being a Revengers episode this week, he brings one of his co-hosts from that show, Brett Miro, onto El Fanboy for an elongated discussion on what’s going on in the world of geek news.

On this episode of El Fanboy they tackle a massive slew of topics, including:

– How to introduce the X-Men into the MCU (if at all!)
– The insane and palpable buzz surrounding BLACK PANTHER
– A VENOM trailer is coming…and we don’t know how to feel about that!
– A SOLO trailer is coming…and we know exactly how we feel about that!
– The latest Tarantino Movie rumors
– Nintendo is breaking into the movie business, and it’s about time!
– John Carpenter’s return to HALLOWEEN turns MFR into a shrieking fangirl

And so much more!

You can listen to this weeks episode of the El Fanboy Podcast, titled “More On JUSTICE LEAGUE Fallout, X-Men/MCU, Nintendo Movies, More!” right here:

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And stay tuned, because next Tuesday…The Revengers return!


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