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BLACK PANTHER Early Buzz Is Off The Charts, And The Box Office Looks To Be Unstoppable


We’re roughly two weeks away from Black Panther and the momentum for this film is stronger than ever. The first black superhero film from Marvel, and one that is helmed by a black director and featuring a predominantly black cast, has caught the attention of fans from all over blowing past pre-sale records. And now, the movie can add one more notch to its belt.

Theatre-chain Alamo Drafthouse recently released data showing that Black Panther is beating out every other film Marvel Studios and DC Films released last year in ticket pre-sales. In comparison, the next three films on the list are Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, and Justice League which took in 72%, 59% and 58% of what Black Panther currently has, respectively.

There also seems to be no sign of slowing down prior to Black Panther‘s release on February 16th, as early screenings of the film have lucky viewers taking to it like catnip (Sorry, I had to). Much of the fervor surrounding the early screenings is Michael B. Jordan’s turn as villain Killmonger, with viewers touting him as the best villain in a Marvel film to date, due to some great scenes and character development. The film itself “has something to say” more so than the previous output of the MCU by some accounts.

By the looks of it, Black Panther is nothing to sleep on. The fact that it’s setting the bar so high for storytelling, diversity and representation and is getting this big of a boost from fans should send a nice message to Hollywood and Marvel.

We’ll see for ourselves on February 16th when Black Panther claws (Sorry, not sorry) its way into theatres.


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