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JUMANJI: It Turns Out That Spidey Is No Match for the People’s Champ!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson laid the smack down on Spider-Man: Homecoming, coming in at a domestic gross of $337.8 million as of this week, as shared by Box Office Mojo. Last year’s Spider-Man reboot tapped out at $334.2 million. The Jumanji reboot has been steadily climbing the ladder to become one of Sony’s top grossing films, and held the title for highest grossing weekend film for four weeks. The recent Maze Runner: The Death Cure, took that title this past weekend but Jumanjj: Welcome to the Jungle continues to bring in the money, even pushing Wonder Woman out of the way.

The release date of the Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart tag teamed movie played a big part in the success of the film. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hit theaters just when the holiday season came around and was able to tap into the nostalgia that fans felt for the original film that starred the late Robin Williams. One could argue that the insertion of Dwayne Johnson into the film was a turning factor that took what could have been lightly received reboot into a theater smashing juggernaut with domestic numbers that continue to add up. But, to assume that The Rock and Hart connection is the sole reason for the films success is to dismiss that it opening among weak competition and receiving positive reviews from movie goers gave it a fighting chance to take the lead. Now entering week 5 we will see if it keeps climbing the charts or eventually comes crashing back down to reality.

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo


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