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Director David F. Sandberg Reveals That SHAZAM! Has Begun Filming!


Huzzah! Production for Shazam! has officially kicked off. Director David F. Sandberg celebrated Day 1 of filming by taking to Instagram to post this image:

Let’s go!⚡️

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This also confirms an old Omega Underground scoop, by the way. They reported back in September that Shazam! would be filming under the code name Franklin. The reason that’s so clever is because of the legendary tale of how Benjamin Franklin harnessed lightning using a kite in order to uncover the secrets of electricity. In the DC Comics mythology, Billy Batson is struck by lightning, which leads to him becoming Shazam!

Speaking of scoops, you may recall that we exclusively reported on Thursday that a certain someone was going to make an appearance in the film. It should be noted that Mr. Sandberg has made it a habit to use twitter to shoot down false reports about Shazam! In fact, he’s been extremely vocal about all aspects of this production on social media, welcoming all kinds of interactions about what he’s working on. As of today, he has yet to try to debunk our report; Adding further credibility to what our sources informed us about you-know-who.

Regardless, it’s exciting to hear that the film has gotten off the ground. Technically, despite Aquaman coming first, Shazam! will be the first movie to film entirely under the new regime at DC Entertainment.

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