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First MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 Trailer Making An Appearance At Super Bowl LII


The first trailer for the hotly anticipated Mission Impossible: 6, titled Fallout, has been confirmed to air during Super Bowl LII , February 4th. Tom Cruise will be coming back and reprising his role as senior field operations agent, Ethan Hunt for installment six of the action/spy franchise with Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation director, Christopher McQuarrie back at the helm. This will be the first time in the series that a director has overseen two Mission: Impossible films.

Cruise and Paramount unveiled Mission: Impossible 6‘s official title yesterday morning along with a short cast list and a synopsis of the story. While the synopsis is pretty general and doesn’t give much away, it does state that Hunt and his team reunite after a mission goes awry (though McQuarrie elaborated a bit more on this). Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Rebecca Ferguson, and Michelle Monaghan are all reprising their roles from past films, with Henry Cavill (including his mustache), Angela Bassett, and Vanessa Kirby making their franchise debut with Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Unfortunately, Jeremy Renner will not be reprising his role for this run of Mission: Impossible due to obvious scheduling conflicts with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Regardless, fans and myself are still excited to see what Hunt and Co. are up to in this film and we will get our first taste next Sunday.

Cruise Defying Death For Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Fallout will no doubt bring in the heavy when it comes to stunt work, with Cruise doing the bulk himself as seen in the first look image above (broken ankle, be damned.) McQuarrie turned the franchise on its head with Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation when the film opened with its biggest stunt. Cruise hanging on the side of a freaking plane. While we’re not sure what the “big stunt” will be for this movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hanging off the side of the helicopter shown above. If there IS something bigger… then holy cow. McQuarrie and Cruise may be keeping some cards up their sleeves for a special reveal later on down the line. Either way, I’m convinced Cruise is a cat. 9 lives on this guy, for sure.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is slated to release on July 27th.

SOURCE: Screen Rant


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