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EL FANBOY PODCAST #46: “That Superman/Shazam! Scoop, Captain Marvel Theories, More!”


On this week’s show, MFR opens up about dropping that big Superman/Shazam scoop, offers a glimpse of the INs and OUTs of running Revenge of The Fans, dives down a Captain Marvel Rabbit hole, reacts to listener questions, and tackles the issue of latinos continuing to be under-represented. He caps things off with the El Fanboy Weekend Forecast.

Regarding the scoop, he explains why he thinks some are being too critical about something we know very little about, and he even points out how- as comic book fans- some of you are missing the boat on a major component here.

Yesterday, everyone lost their minds about the set pictures of Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel suit. MFR’s got his take on the costume brouhaha and some ideas for what it could all mean for the plot of her film and for Avengers 4.

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