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BLACK PANTHER May Claw Past DEADPOOL For February Box Office Record


We reported a couple weeks ago that Black Panther was already on track to break some records on its opening February 16th but Deadline reports that those numbers may not just get broken but be obliterated on opening weekend, possibly knocking off the last superhero movie to rock weekend release, Deadpool which raked in $151.2 million its opening weekend. That is a high number to cross off but the estimate for Black Panther is sitting in the range of $120 million and $150 million, placing it right on track to crack the the Merc with a Mouth for the lead.

Deadpool did amazingly well for a release about a character not well known among the new age Marvel fans, and was an instant hit, making the upcoming Deadpool 2 already a highly anticipated sequel. But, what puts Black Panther in a comfortable spot is that it is the only black hero movie in some time and is the only film set in Africa with a predominantly black cast, so it will already tap into a huge market that is separate from just super hero movie fans; and during Black History month, no less. It also helps that the character has already made a big appearance when Chadwick Boseman brought Black Panther to Captain America: Civil War, which created a stronger interest for the character to make his solo mark.

There is no guarantee that Black Panther will surpass Deadpool in box office weekend numbers, but we know better than to doubt T’Challa.

SOURCE: Deadline


Michael Powell

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