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Hemsworth Discusses His Future As THOR, Now That His Marvel Contract Is Over


It’s official, once the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4 arrives, Chris Hemsworth’s contractual obligations to appear as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have been met. It’s no secret that the actor had his struggles with role, feeling- at times- dissatisfied with what he had to work with, but that all changed when Taikia Waititi took the helm of Thor: Ragnarok. Ever since then, the Aussie actor has been raving about playing the God of Thunder. Still, with his contract coming to an end just as his excitement for the role has reached its zenith, what does that mean for his future as Thor?

Some new comments from Hemsworth shed some light on the situation.

Here’s what he said in an interview with USA Today about his tenure as Thor in the MCU:

“Midway through, I was exhausted and wasn’t happy with what I was doing. But by Thor 3 I had a voice in the process and was having the most fun I’d had on a set. When we wrapped [Avengers 4] a couple of days ago, I really felt, ‘oh no, we will never have this much fun again.”

Hemsworth isn’t alone in thinking the middle portion of his run as Thor was somewhat lacking. Thor: The Dark World, the second in his solo trilogy, is widely-viewed as the biggest sore spot in the MCU’s cinematic output. That’s why Hemsworth is so grateful for what Waititi brought to the table in Ragnarok.

“I feel like we re-invented him. There is a bigger platform now to continue if we want to.”

This excitement he has for the role, post-Ragnarok, creates some glimmer of hope that we may get to see the continued adventures of this newly reinvigorated, one-eyed son of Odin in the MCU, post-Avengers 4.

Would you like to see Hemsworth return? Waititi has already said he’d be down for more Thor movies…

SOURCE: USA Today (via ComicBook)


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