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Russo Brothers Respond To Rumors About Shooting “Fake” AVENGERS Scenes


After directing two of my favorite MCU films, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, Anthony and Joe Russo, are now tasked with wrapping up the Avengers franchise and introducing the team to their biggest threat yet. Thanos , The Mad Titan (played by Josh Brolin). While taking on the daunting task of filming Infinity War and Avengers 4, the Russo brothers address the possibility of filming fake scenes to prevent potential spoilers from leaking out to the public. As a fan, I appreciate that kind of dedication to keep fans away from having things spoiled. As a creative artist? Holy moly. That just sounds like a lot of work.

With principal photography for Infinity War and its still-untitled sequel beginning in January 2017, Marvel Studios has been extremely protective about what information comes out in regard to the upcoming Avengers projects. Filming was done secretly under lock and key to assure the protection of the work being done. However, due to occasional shoots being done outdoors, fans were showered in photos of some of the actors involved, which then manifested rumors and speculation about the movie’s overall story. While fans are always eager to theorize about all the possibilities, the last couple of photos leaked from the production are so confusing that some fans started wondering whether a few of those shots are worked on for the sake of distracting us from the real thing. Smoke and mirrors? Could be.

Sitting with MTV’S Happy and Confused podcast, the Russo brothers discussed working on Infinity War and Avengers 4, teasing fans about what can be expected on the flicks without giving away the farm. Speaking about spoilers; the directors were asked whether they filmed anything extra just to keep scoop hounds and paparazzi confused on possible story points, Anthony candidly answered: “We’re too tired to shoot anything that’s not going in the movie.” Now, clearly, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t film anything extraneous, but at least they showed they are human when they admitted that the year-long filming was draining. As large as these projects are, I could not even imagine the pressure they are under not just from studios but from fans as well. Comic Gods know we can be fickle creatures if something is not presented in a way we like, am I right?

Dr. Strange, Tony Stark, Dr. Bruce Banner and Wong in action.

While principal photography on Avengers 4 having already wrapped, the Russos’ job is far from over. Post-production is still to be tackled which brings a whole new set of attention, work and stress especially considering the amount of VFX and number of filmed scenes they need to edit and put together. Not only that, but there are reportedly pick up scenes that need to be filmed in Scotland later in the year. Let’s not forget any re-shoots for Avengers 4 that may need to be done as well. Boy, I’m just exhausted thinking about it but that’s showbiz, kids!

Oh! Prior to its May release, the Russos are also expected to do some more press rounds for Infinity War. Man. Hardest working brothers in show business right here.

SOURCE: Screen Rant


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