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THE REVENGERS: Episode 2- “Remembering Heath Ledger, Video Game Movies, and Can Thanos Break The MCU Villain Curse?”


On this week’s episode of The Revengers Podcast Brett, Vanessa, and Mario cover all of the week’s big trending geek stories, including:

  • Jumanji dominating the world
  • With John Cena in talks to make Duke Nukem, what’s it going to take for video game movies to finally get things right? (Oh, and Mario makes a shameful admission)
  • The hype for Ready Player One gets heartfelt and epic
  • Can Thanos be the new Darth Vader? Or be more compelling than MOST of Marvel’s villains?
  • What is going on with this random Dundee movie with Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth?
  • The key to these new RoboCop and Masters of The Universe movies that are in the pipeline
  • Ryan Reynolds bringing us a new CLUE?
  • Can Disney realistically expect Black Widow to be a bigger deal than Wonder Woman?

And much more.

The Revengers also take time to reflect on the anniversary of Heath Ledger’s passing. They discuss what it was like to lose him, and the impact his Joker had on them.

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