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ACTION COMICS #1000 Will Feature A Johns/Donner Superman Story


Besides Action Comics #1000 garnering massive attention for having the creativity of Paul Dini, Jim Lee and Brian Michael Bendis adding writing contributions to the issue and rocking the comics universe with the return of Superman’s iconic trunks; they will also feature a story by DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner.

Johns, one of DC’s best-selling writers and the man responsible for reinvigorating DC’s overall comics landscape, is currently writing Doomsday Clock but, writing-wise, has been off the grid for nearly two years while he focuses on a larger role at Warner Bros., helping the company oversee their full film slate.

No details were provided on story specifics, except that Johns will be co-writing it with his frequent collaborator and mentor, Richard Donner, who directed Superman: The Movie. The duo have worked together on several Action Comics issues while also penning the Last Son five issue story arc.

Johns and Donner at the Wonder Woman premiere in 2017.

There is a rumored possibility that the Johns/Donner script could be for a story by legendary Superman artist Curt Swan. DC has teased that an unpublished Swan story will appear in this issue, but there is no writer named in the comic that would have been around at the time when Swan was working on Superman.

While there are still writers to be listed, as only the top tier writers get the first accolades on the solicitation list, there could be a possibility that the writer for the Swan story is just not as well known as the other mythic sized creators. Either way, there is a lot to be excited about and I am personally happy to see Johns/Donner putting their stamp on such a monumental issue for Superman and DC.

What do you think Donner returning, once again, to the world of Superman?




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