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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Footage Shown By Disney At German Event


Finally, the first first footage of Solo: A Star Wars Story was shown by Disney at a recent press event in Germany and initial reaction from those in attendance is positive. While we’re only about 4 months out from release, LucasFilm has remained tight lipped on details and marketing material. Aside from this reaction, the only other thing we have is an official plot synopsis from LucasFilm, that we on The Revengers Podcast didn’t find too hype-inducing.

The news of a positive fan reaction may come as a sigh of relief to many, as the behind-the-scenes turmoil seems awfully familiar to a certain superhero movie that was recently released. Still, filmmaker Holger Frick was in attendance of the Disney event in Munich and his Facebook post uses some interesting phrases:

Aside from some praise for the actors in their roles, what jumps out the most is the claim it has an “‘old’ Star Wars Feel to it” and that it “could be the ‘fan-service-movie’ some of the older Star Wars fans wanted from Episode VIII.” Now, if Ron Howard indeed captures that Star Wars tone carried by the original trilogy, I think that will make a lot of long-time fans happy. However, that “fan-service-movie” movie line makes us a bit worried. The Force Awakens and Rogue One took a beating from fans who thought they were too much of a greatest hits, relying on callbacks and nostalgia to fuel the ride. If you read the official plot synopsis for Solo: A Star Wars Story that does nothing to deter the thought we’ll be getting more of that, but maybe you’re on the side that wants it to be a walk down memory lane.

As Star Wars Fans, we are constantly pulled between the light and dark sides of the force: give us more of the same or give us something new. The Last Jedi really split the audience, making some really polarizing, unexpected choices. Who’s to say what’s best? We should be getting an official trailer drop soon so we can analyze things a bit further.

Are you encouraged by the positive reaction? Do you want the movie to make brave, bold choices with these beloved characters or hew more closely to the expected? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres May 25, 2018.

SOURCE: Holger Frick


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