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New Concept Art From AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Gives Us A Look At Hulkbuster Armor 2.0


As we saw in the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, the fan-favorite Hulkbuster armor will be making a return. You may recall, that armor took a bit of a beating in Avengers: Age of Ultron at the hands of the Hulk. In the trailer, we actually see Bruce Banner, not Tony Stark (more on that below), doing some tinkering to one of the arms and a quick shot of it in action. In that one second, you may have noticed there’s something different about it.

Well, some new official concept art has been making the rounds and we now have a much closer look at the armor. If Banner is indeed the one modifying it, it’s safe to say… he’s made some upgrades, Tony.


The biggest difference you’ll notice is just how sleek the design is. Just as Tony’s standard Iron Man armor has become less bulky, more rounded and tighter in form to the body, this too has evolved. There are a lot less hard edges and blocky segments.

On a side note, If you’ve seen Thor Ragnarok you know there is an interesting concept introduced into the Banner/Hulk dynamic. Put that together with the trailer shot of Mark Ruffalo’s Banner working on the arm of the Hulkbuster and I think we might know who’s under the helmet. Hint: it’s not RDJ.

Are you pumped to see the Hulkbuster making a return? How do you feel about the design? Leave us some comments!

Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres May 4th.


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  • I’m still waiting for the bit where they send an Iron Man armor in to confront Thanos and Bruce Banner pops out of the suit and hulks out on him.

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