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Fans Launch A Site With Passionate Plea For The Snyder Cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE


Here at Revenge of The Fans, we want fans of every ilk to feel like their voices matter. There’s a movement happening right now, and we want to help put a spotlight on it, even if we have our reservations about how successful it’ll be. As you’ve likely heard, there’s a group of very passionate Zack Snyder fans who feel that Justice League was unjustly ripped from his hands. They’ve been working hard to get the attention of Warner Bros. as they demand that the studio releases a Zack Snyder Cut of the DC epic.

Just in case this is all Greek to you, the theatrical cut of Justice League, while credited to Zack Snyder, was actually a mash-up of the work of two different directors. When Snyder stepped down in early 2017, Joss Whedon (The Avengers) was brought in to overhaul the film. The studio wasn’t happy with the tone and plotting of the film, and so they asked him to write and direct a ton of new material. So, really, the cut that made it into theaters can’t truthfully be called the Snyder Cutdespite him being listed officially as the sole director.

Revenge of The Fans Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles was the first to break the news that Justice League was going to get totally reworked, and while many were initially skeptical of his claims, when they saw the film in theaters…the truth came to light. It was evident to anyone paying attention that this film bore little resemblance to Snyder’s original ideas for the film. In fact, if you look at the early trailers for Justice League, it’s plain to see how much of his work was cut completely out of the film.

In the months since everyone discovered the truth, fans have been compiling all kinds of examples of how Justice League wasn’t really Snyder’s movie, and- armed with the knowledge that he had completed principal photography before it was taken away from him- they’ve been petitioning for Warner Bros. to release that film- the one he had intended to make.

Those efforts have now reached their next evolution: An Official Site.

It’s called For Snyder Cut, and it makes the case for the release of Snyder Cut of Justice League. It’s got loads of beautiful images, quotes, articles and more as part of its campaign to get Warner Bros. to cough up the extra funding it would take to release this version of the film.

While we at RTF have covered why the Snyder Cut is unlikely to ever see the light of day, we fully support this movement. As cinephiles, we believe it would be fascinating to see what Snyder had in mind and how it differed from the final film we ended up with.


If this is a cause you believe in, I strongly suggest you visit the site. I’ve had several very pleasant interactions with the unofficial spokesperson for this movement, Fiona, and her heart’s in the right place. I know what this would mean for her and those who share her views, and I wish them nothing but good luck despite the uphill battle ahead of them.

SOURCE: For Snyder Cut


Revenge of The Fans

  • I haven’t even seen Justice League and I’d jump at the chance to see the Snyder Cut.

  • JonDoe297

    I, too, am one of those desperates that wants to see the Snyder Cut of JL because I love MoS & BvS so, so much. But I do understand at the same time that it’ll probably be years before that even happens, if it does, hopefully…
    But there’s one thing that I’m still in the dark about… After Zack assembled his rough cut of JL in the begginings of last year, did himself figure that he wanted additional scenes to be written and shot (by him & Terrio) so they would be added to make his version of the film better? Or was he happy with the original script that Terrio written and he shot during principal photography? Obviously, we all know by know that WB, Berg and Johns (as per Vulture) was the camp that ultimately won in hijacking the film and releasing that theatrical version…
    By the way, and hypothetically speaking, if Zack were to to be reinstated to finish his version of JL with millions of dollars provided by the studio, the absence of shooting the standard pickups, would it have meant a considerate blow to the “quality”, so to speak, of his cut? I guess it would…
    Finally, I just want to say that as a member of that particular fandom that I appreciate your considerate stance regarding this matter!

    • No. It’s simple: WB deemed his cut (which was unfinished in regards to f/x, music, post, etc.) “unwatchable.” They then hired JW to come in and significantly alter the film. The reshoots this past summer were directed by JW (which was the plan from the beginning) based on rewrites which were written by JW. There’s no chance in hell that WB will 1) Go against their “JW just finished Zack’s vision” narrative, and 2 — and more importantly — they are not going to pump in millions of dollars to finish ZS’s version of JL.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        Sad but true.

      • JonDoe297

        The term “unwatchable” is a PR spin from the WB department which basically means that it wasn’t like Whedon’s AVENGERS enough (which is why they then hired him to butcher alter it). It has nothing to do with the quality of the ORIGINAL film; WB cares only about delivering the film that’ll end up being the most profitable. They only care about money. The critical and audience approval only matters in terms of the franchises’ future viability.
        And as for what will happen in the future…

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        The studio has never addressed the rough cut publicly, and they’ve never used the term “Unwatchable” publicly. Just to be clear.

      • Supermario was ALL IN YOU

        I always wonder why WB never put out official statements confirming or denying all the rumors and reports trough the years, if the term ‘unwatchable’ came out of bloggers and comic sites, the studio should’ve taken control of the situation in my opinion, the secrecy tactic hurt their cause.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve actually been speaking about that a lot on twitter lately. Have a whole thread on the issue. I’ve also reported that they’re finally turning up the heat on leaks. Hopefully part of this will be actual public statements debunking or clarifying false stories.

        We shall see.

        Y’know what? You’ve inspired me to write a full report on it for the site, since it really is a sore spot. Thanks!

      • Supermario was ALL IN YOU

        You are just repeating the crap lying statements the studio puts out.

      • Mario-Francisco Robles

        Me? And has the studio put out ANY statements on this matter? I think not.

      • Supermario was ALL IN YOU


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